Faculty Profile

Dr. Muhammad Hamad Alizai

Assistant Professor

Department Of Computer Science

Dr. Alizai has over 10 years of experience in Germany and Pakistan as a researcher, software engineer, and technical lead both in industrial and academic settings. He has authored book, book chapters and published numerous scientific papers, while abroad and indigenously from Pakistan, several of them in top flight ACM SIG sponsored venues such as ACM SenSys, IPSN, BuldSYS, CoNEXT. He is experienced in leading innovative research projects in pervasive computing technologies such as Internet of things, sensor and delay tolerant networks, ICT4D, and mobile computing.  He was employed as a software engineer in several European Union projects and has a wealth of experience in teaching/training cutting edge technologies and courses in theoretical and practical computer sciences at grad, post grad and professional level. He is also a visiting researcher at his alma mater: ComSys, RWTH Aachen, Germany.

For more information about his teaching and research, please visit his personal webpage

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