Faculty Profile

Dr. Mushtaq A. Khan

Associate Professor

Department Of Economics

Dr Khan has 16 years of teaching and research experience at Quaid-e-Azam University and Kansas State University. He was previously the Head of the Economics Department at Suleyman Demirel University, Kazakhstan. He has taught various courses including Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Money, Banking and Financial Markets. His specialisations include econometrics, labour economics, micro economics, regulatory economics, international monetary economics.

Fall Semester 2018-19Econometrics and Research Methodology I1801
Fall Semester 2018-19Microeconomic Analysis1801
Spring Semester 2017-18Master's Thesis1702
Spring Semester 2017-18Advanced Microeconomics1702
Fall Semester 2017-18Master's Thesis1701
Fall Semester 2017-18Econometrics and Research Methodology I1701
Fall Semester 2017-18Microeconomic Analysis1701
Spring Semester 2016-17Senior Project in General Management1602
Spring Semester 2016-17Senior Project in Management Science1602
Spring Semester 2016-17Intermediate Microeconomics1602
Fall Semester 2016-17Master's Thesis1601
Fall Semester 2016-17Master's Thesis1601
Fall Semester 2016-17Econometrics and Research Methodology I1601
Fall Semester 2016-17Microeconomic Analysis1601
Summer Semester 2015-16Master's Thesis1503
Spring Semester 2015-16Agriculture, price and Income policy1502
Spring Semester 2015-16Master's Thesis1502
Spring Semester 2015-16Master's Thesis1502
Fall Semester 2015-16Master's Thesis1501
Fall Semester 2015-16Master's Thesis1501
Fall Semester 2015-16Econometrics and Research Methodology I1501
Fall Semester 2015-16Microeconomic Analysis1501
Fall Semester 2015-16Master's Thesis1501
Summer Semester 2014-15Master's Thesis1403
Summer Semester 2014-15Master's Thesis1403
Spring Semester 2014-15Agriculture, price and Income policy1402
Fall Semester 2014-15Econometrics and Research Methodology I1401
Fall Semester 2014-15Microeconomic Analysis1401
Fall Semester 2014-15Master's Thesis1401
  • Past Courses
    Fall Semester 2013-14Econometrics and Research Methodology I1301
    Fall Semester 2013-14Microeconomic Analysis1301
    Fall Semester 2012-13Econometrics and Research Methodology I1201
    Fall Semester 2012-13Microeconomic Analysis1201
    Fall Semester 2012-13Senior Project I1201
    Spring Semester 2011-12Master's Thesis1102
    Spring Semester 2011-12Advanced Microeconomics1102
    Spring Semester 2011-12Senior Project I1102
    Fall Semester 2011-12Independent Study1101
    Fall Semester 2011-12Econometrics and Research Methodology I1101
    Fall Semester 2011-12Microeconomic Analysis1101
    Fall Semester 2011-12Senior Project I1101
    Spring Semester 2010-11Master's Thesis1002
    Spring Semester 2010-11Advanced Microeconomics1002
    Spring Semester 2010-11Senior Project I1002
    Fall Semester 2010-11Econometrics and Research Methodology I1001
    Fall Semester 2010-11Microeconomic Analysis1001
    Fall Semester 2010-11Senior Project I1001
    Summer Semester 2009-10Independent Study903
    Summer Semester 2009-10Independent Study903
    Spring Semester 2009-10Master's Thesis902
    Spring Semester 2009-10Independent Study902
    Spring Semester 2009-10Agriculture and Food Policy902
    Fall Semester 2009-10Econometrics and Research Methodology I901
    Fall Semester 2009-10Advanced Microeconomics901
    Spring Qtr 2008-2009Independent Study803
    Spring Qtr 2008-2009Advanced Microeconomics803
    Winter Qtr 2008-09Independent Study802
    Winter Qtr 2008-09Seminar in Development Economics II802
    Winter Qtr 2008-09Econometrics and Research Methodology II802
    Autumn Qtr 2008-09Seminar in Development Economics801
    Autumn Qtr 2008-09Agricultural Price & Income Policies801
    Autumn Qtr 2008-09Principles of Economics801
    Summer Qtr 2007-08ECON Independent Study I704
    Spring Qtr 2007-08Microeconomics II703
    Winter Qtr 2007-08Advanced Microeconomics702
    Winter Qtr 2007-08Labour Economics702
    Autumn Qtr 2007-08Microeconomic Analysis701
    Autumn Qtr 2007-08Labour Economics701
    Spring Qtr 2006-07Advanced Microeconomics603
    Spring Qtr 2006-07Labour Economics603
    Winter Qtr 2006-07Agriculture and Food Policy602
    Winter Qtr 2006-07Labour Economics602
    Autumn Qtr 2006-07Agriculture and Food Policy601
    Spring Qtr 2005-06Labour Economics503
    Spring Qtr 2005-06Microeconomics II503
    Winter Qtr 2005-06Microeconomics II502
    Spring Qtr 2004-05Microeconomics II403
    Winter Qtr 2004-05Microeconomics II402
    Autumn Qtr 2004-05Intermediate Microeconomics401
    Spring Qtr 2003-04Labour Economics303
    Autumn Qtr 2003-04Intermediate Microeconomics301