Faculty Profile

Dr. Muhammad Azfar Nisar

Assistant Professor

Suleman Dawood School of Business

Dr. Nisar obtained his PhD in Public Administration and Policy from Arizona State University, USA in 2016. Employing critical theoretical perspectives, his research focuses on the citizen-state relationship especially in relation to social policy, collaborative networks, and democratic governance. In his previous research, he has studied issues related to Khawaja Sira citizenship, identity management, administrative burden, social networks, and higher education governance. He plans to focus his future research on social equity, critical management studies and collaborative networks.

Dr Nisar has a trans-disciplinary educational background. He completed his Master of Public Policy and Master of Arts in International Area Studies from University of California, Berkeley in 2010. He also holds a Master of Arts in Economics from University of the Punjab and an MBBS degree from King Edward Medical College. Prior to joining LUMS, he has worked with the People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative, Gilgit Baltistan as Program Director.

His research interests include:

·       Social Policy

·       Critical Management Studies

·       Street-level bureaucracy

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