Faculty Profile

Dr. Ali Rauf

Assistant Professor

Department Of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Dr. Rauf has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea (2018) with a concentration in the design and synthesis of novel heterostructured photocatalysts for environmental applications. He also has a bachelor in Chemical Engineering from the University of Punjab (2012). Prior to joining LUMS, he has been academically engaged as Lecturer at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore in the Department of Chemical, Polymer and Composite Material Engineering while his industrial experience includes working as a Technical Management Resource at NIMIR Industrial Chemicals Ltd (2012).

Dr. Rauf’s research areas mainly cover the synthesis of nanocomposites materials for various environmental applications e.g. for mitigating environmental pollution and for the production of sustainable energy resources. He has worked on various metal oxides/chalcogenides, polymers, doped carbon as promising electrode materials for various electrochemical devices.

Dr. Rauf has also previously worked as a team lead for various company projects (BASF and Samsung). Among his honors and achievements, Dr. Rauf was awarded a scholarship under Faculty Development Program for UETs/UESTP (2013)

His research interests include:

1. Photocatalysis
2. Water Splitting
3. Energy Storage Devices

Electrostatically regulated ternary-doped carbon foams with exposed active sites as metal-free oxygen reduction electrocatalystsNanoscaleSher Shah M.S.A., Lee J., Rauf A., Park J.H., Lim B., Yoo P.J.2018
Mediator- and co-catalyst-free direct Z-scheme composites of Bi2WO6-Cu3P for solar-water splittingNanoscaleRauf A., Ma M., Kim S., Shah M.S.A.S., Chung C.-H., Park J.H., Yoo P.J.2018
Non-stoichiometric SnS microspheres with highly enhanced photoreduction efficiency for Cr(VI) ionsRSC AdvancesRauf A., Arif Sher Shah M.S., Lee J.Y., Chung C.-H., Bae J.W., Yoo P.J.2017
Highly interdigitated and porous architected ternary composite of SnS2, g-C3N4, and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) as high performance lithium ion battery anodesRSC AdvancesSher Shah Md.S.A., Park A.R., Rauf A., Hong S.H., Choi Y., Park J., Kim J., Kim W.-J., Yoo P.J.2017
Facile Synthesis of Hierarchically Structured Bi2S3/Bi2WO6Photocatalysts for Highly Efficient Reduction of Cr(VI)ACS Sustainable Chemistry and EngineeringRauf A., Sher Shah M.S.A., Choi G.H., Humayoun U.B., Yoon D.H., Bae J.W., Park J., Kim W.-J., Yoo P.J.2015
Self-supported Ag/AgCl nanoparticles incorporated polymeric multilayer films for reusable electrophotocatalystMaterials ExpressShah M.S.A.S., Kim Y.H., Park R., Rauf A., Yoo P.J.2015
Particle-nested inverse opal structures as hierarchically structured large-scale membranes with tunable separation propertiesACS Applied Materials and InterfacesRhee D.K., Jung B., Kim Y.H., Yeo S.J., Choi S.-J., Rauf A., Han S., Yi G.-R., Lee D., Yoo P.J.2014