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Dr. Shahid Masud


Office of the Dean SBASSE

Shahid Masud received BSc Electrical Engineering from EME College, Rawalpindi, Pakistan in 1990, MEngSc in Electronics from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in 1992 and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Queen's University, Belfast, UK in 1999. He has been a receipient of prestigious AIDAB EMSS scholarship (Australia) and Commonwealth scholarship (UK). He was a Senior Design Engineer at Amphion Semiconductor Ltd. (later Conexant / NXP Semicondutor) before joining LUMS in 2002. His research interests include design and implementation of DSP Systems and computer architecture. He has published over fifty refereed papers in major international journals and conferences and holds three patents in VLSI design. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, Member of IET and a Chartered Engineer.

    • Article
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      • Masud, S. .(1999). Web Based Portal for Capacity Building of Development Sector Enterprises in Pakistan . ,
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    • Journal Articles
      • Masud, S. A Framework for Code-Level Power Estimation of Embedded Soft-Core Processors . IET Journal Computers and Digital Techniques , IET, UK
      • Masud, S. I-LEACH: Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Monitoring of Irrigation Canals . Computers and Electronics in Agriculture , Elsevier
    • Conference Papers
      • Masud, S. .(2014). System-level Power Estimation for Embedded Processors . German Embedded Systems Symposium , Forum Funktionale Sicherheit
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