Faculty Profile

Mr. Sikander Ahmed Shah

Associate Professor

Law & Policy

Professor Sikander Shah is a pioneering member of the Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law, LUMS. He obtained a B.A. in Economics and a Juris Doctorate (Cum Laude) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has held visiting faculty positions at the Temple Law School, the Wayne State Law School and the University of Michigan Law School and holds the position of adjunct faculty at the Maurer School of Law, Indiana University Bloomington. Professor Shah served as the Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while he was on sabbatical in 2012-2013. Professor Shah’s teaching and research interests are focused on Public International Law, International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, Corporate Governance and Constitutional Design.



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    • Journal Articles
      • Shah, S. A. .(2016). River Boundary Delimitation and the Resolution of the Sir Creek Dispute between Pakistan and India . , 34 Vt. L. Rev. 357
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    • Research Paper
      • Shah, S. A. .(2004). Mergers and the Rights of Minority Shareholders in Pakistan . , Center for Management and Economic Research, LUMS
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Public International LawFall Semester 2014-151401
Business LawSpring Semester 2014-151402
Advanced Public International LawSpring Semester 2014-151402
Human RightsSpring Semester 2014-151402
Public International LawFall Semester 2017-181701
South Asian ConstitutionalismFall Semester 2017-181701
  • Past Courses
    Introduction to Legal Thought and AnalysisAutumn Qtr 2004-05401
    Introduction to Legal ReasoningWinter Qtr 2004-05402
    Contemporary Legal Issues in Developing NationsSpring Qtr 2004-05403
    Contracts IAutumn Qtr 2005-06501
    Contracts IIWinter Qtr 2005-06502
    Introduction to Legal ReasoningSpring Qtr 2005-06503
    Contracts IAutumn Qtr 2006-07601
    Contracts IIWinter Qtr 2006-07602
    Introduction to Legal ReasoningSpring Qtr 2006-07603
    SS Independent Study ISpring Qtr 2006-07603
    Contracts IAutumn Qtr 2007-08701
    Contracts IIWinter Qtr 2007-08702
    Trade LawsSpring Qtr 2007-08703
    Introduction to Legal ReasoningFall Semester 2009-10901
    ContractsFall Semester 2009-10901
    Advanced Public International LawSpring Semester 2009-10902
    Advanced Public International LawFall Semester 2010-111001
    ContractsFall Semester 2010-111001
    Human RightsSpring Semester 2010-111002
    ContractsFall Semester 2011-121101
    Advanced Public International LawSpring Semester 2011-121102
    Human RightsSpring Semester 2011-121102
    Independent StudyFall Semester 2013-141301
    ContractsFall Semester 2013-141301
    Advanced Public International LawSpring Semester 2013-141302
    Human RightsSpring Semester 2013-141302